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Don't just manage your type 2 diabetes — reverse it.

Reduce your blood sugar, ditch your medications, and achieve a healthy weight.

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Dr. Martha's 90-day program takes the latest and best approach to reversing type 2 diabetes, based on research in behavioral neuroscience and nutrition. Suitable for weight-loss, pre-diabetic, and type 2.

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After just one month

“I went to my endocrinologist today and he said whatever you’re doing - keep doing it. My A1c is down to 6.5.”

  —  Lu H., Golden, CO


Classes start soon in Kansas City and online.

Dr. Martha's program will help you transition to the only diet that has been clinically proven to reverse type 2 — a low-insulin-producing ketogenic diet — while developing an ongoing exercise habit and skills to cope with cravings, eating out, travel, stress, old emotional patterns, and more.

What to Expect

A dynamic weekly class with a group of 6-8 women ready to change their lives with you at their side. The program starts with an analysis of your body composition (lean mass, fat, water, and additional metrics). We assess insulin sensitivity and how you use food to develop an eating plan that is exactly what you need for where you are right now.

Each week we'll cover a new topic (basics of t2, how motivation works, keys to sustainable exercise, successfully eating out) and corresponding skills to practice throughout the week.

Check-ins and support materials delivered over the week will help keep you on-track between classes. The program is a 90-day commitment to your success.


Build Practical skills

Develop skills to address the underlying emotional patterns that keep you stuck in failure, shame, and self-judgement while developing awareness and accountability


get a step-by-step food plan

Dr. Martha will create an individualized food plan based on your nutritional requirements and insulin sensitivity. Your plan will be adjusted as you lose weight.


Move through the program with Martha at your side. Find support and compassion from your group, and learn from each other’s experiences.


check-in's and bonus materials

Access online resources for support and growth between classes, including helpful tips, brain-changing practices, and recipes.


"Food controlled me. My cravings left me feeling desperate, miserable, and ashamed."


For years I tried diet after diet, yo-yoing up and down between 140 lbs in my twenties  (“a little chubby” as one boyfriend called me) and more than 300 lbs in my forties — barely able to walk around the block.

Messages like ‘eat less! move more!’ from the diet industry weren’t helping, and I wanted to know why. I spent the next several decades, with a Ph.D in microbiology and an M.S. in nutrition science, researching what works and what doesn’t. I applied my knowledge of nutrition science, metabolism, physiology, and human behavior with the power of a low-carb diet to my own life, eventually losing 170 lbs. Now, I help women with weight loss and diabetes reversal, starting with small steps forward.  — Martha

Martha at over 300 lbs in her mid-forties

Martha at over 300 lbs in her mid-forties

Martha at a healthy weight in her fifties

Martha at a healthy weight in her fifties

Nothing should feel impossible in this program.

If a step is too big, we break it down smaller until it feels do-able. Martha likes to call this "right-sizing" the steps — and it's the best method for continued progress and long-term success.


What You'll Learn


— How to transition to a low-insulin-producing diet — the only diet that gets easier with time

— Protocols for every challenge: cravings, eating out, travel, stress eating, and more

— Meditation and visualization practices that rewire the brain's limbic system, improving motivation and creating consistency in choosing healthy food and exercise

— How to build self-compassion so you thoughtfully move past inevitable missteps and get back on track quickly

— A radical reframe of failure that eliminates shame and self-judgment

— How to use the 5-minute rule to create a long-term habit of exercise


Start the 90-day program


Programs starts early August in locations around Kansas City. Space is limited! 

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